Schleich Dragons - Review

Little monkey has been getting up close and personal with dragons sent to him to review. Schleich dragons to be precise! Aimed at ages 3+ they come from the Schleich Dragon Island range.
Featuring six dragons, little monkey has Dragon Runner and Dragon Hunter.
"The Runner can fly quite skilfully. Far more impressive is the speed with which it can race along the ground. At top speed its silhouette is scarcely recognisable. It only fights if it absolutely has to. But then everything happens so lightning fast that you can hardly follow him with your bare eye. It is very vain and always wants to look good. Moreover, it can sing really well".
"The Hunter has claws, sickle-shaped talons and a brutal bite. It has almost lost its fire, because it never uses it anyway. But to make up for this it has a poison fang, which makes every bite a fatal attack. Coupled with its ability to make no noise, its fantastic night vision and unbelievable endurance, all of this makes it a dangerous dragon".
Hard wearing and very robust these dragons are ideal for little hands, reenacting dragon fights and flight! With eye catching colours and attention to detail they are certainly very cool specimens! 
Little monkey and big monkey too are enjoying having them as part of the family! Dragon Runner is £14.99, available from Amazon and Dragon Runner is £12.99 also from Amazon.

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