Project 365 - Week 48

Day 326. We had an awesome family day out in London and of course went on the London Eye! 

Day 327. This little lot arrived for me! Looking forward to having a girly night in with it.

Day 328. Big monkey won the chance to be a Mascot at the Champions League match between Arsenal & Dinamo Zagreb at the Emirates...an awesome never to be forgotten opportunity!

Day 329. A day at work for me but stopped nearby to get this shot!

Day 330. Hubby got the ingredients to make his beloved cheesecake for friends coming Saturday.

Day 331. Housework and gym day. Feeling cleansed! 

Day 332. These two monkeys are showing off their new t-shirts from FG4 fashion! 

Where are the weeks flying? We're almost ready for Christmas now and I've had some exciting new this week relating to the blog! More news later! The monkeys are good and everyone is well! (Thank goodness). 

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