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When I went to Blog On Win back in October I was introduced to new bottled water that I'd not come across before. More Drinks. They were in the brands room at the event providing drinks for the candidates throughout the day and later offered us the opportunity to try the range.

More Drinks bring you Get More and A Little More, two ranges of drinks that help adults and children get more of what their bodies need. Simply:

  • More flavour – because no matter how good something is for you, you won’t drink it unless it tastes great.
  • More vitamins and minerals – to help you stay strong and healthy.
  • More spring water – to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated.
  • More convenience – for nutrition on the go.

Get More (for adults) come in 6 different flavours each offering different vitamins or minerals.

Get more Vitamin D, still Mango & Passion fruit.
Get more Vitamin A, sparkling Blackcurrant & Blueberry.
Get more Multivitamins, sparkling Lemon & Lime,
Get more Vitamin C, sparkling Orange,
Get more B Vitamins, Apple & Raspberry and 
Get more Minerals, still Cranberry & Pomegranate.
Hubby and I have been drinking these and whilst they are delicious I personally found them quite sweet to taste, despite being sugar free or having no added sugar. Hubby didn't though! He loved them.

For children there are smaller bottles of A little More. Big monkey found the drinks tasty and was left wanting more.
Just three different flavours this time with:

A Little more Vitamin D & Calcium, Mango.
A Little more Vitamin C, Orange and 
A Little more Multivitamins, Apple.
These are sold in Multipacks too, each with the same flavour in.

I'm not sure whether I would set out to buy these drinks over a bottle of still water myself for everyday thirst but would find them most useful at the gym. It's great to see something for children that isn't full of added nastiness. A great alternative to plain old bottled water with the added benefit of being good for them, whilst being tasty too.

More Drinks can be bought from Asda, Ocado, Tesco, WHsmith, Road Chef and online at More Drinks too.

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