Hot Wheels - Nitrobot Attack - Review

The monkeys love playing with their Hot Wheels sets and were delighted to review the new Hot Wheels City Nitrobot Attack set.
They excitedly opened the cardboard box it was delivered in and happily helped Daddy to put it all together following the instructions that came in the box.
Each section clips together and of course is compatible with their existing sets but for this review we concentrated on this set alone. It comes with one die cast car. We found another of their Hot Wheels cars to use so that both monkeys could have their own to play with.
Nitrobot attack is a giant robot made out of cars that can be played in a number of ways. Take the Nitrobot out by facing him head on! Launch the car from the left or the middle. Move the launcher until a direct hit is scored and the Nitrobot's head flies off and his arm swings down in defeat, releasing the captured car from the grasp of it's hand. 
Suitable for children aged 4+ the monkeys have really enjoyed getting to know their new Hot Wheels set. Given time I'm sure they will connect this play set with the others we already have to make one huge city! You can see the commercial below.
I'm sure this Hot Wheels set will be very popular this Christmas. The monkeys love it and we can't think of anything we don't like about it. Join team Hot Wheels for games, sets and more. Available from all good toy retailers now.

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