Kids Footwear Wishlist!

The monkeys seem to have inherited my love of shoes! They love getting new ones......no idea why! They have all my best traits! Each time we go anywhere near the shoe shop we usually take them to get their feet measured little monkey asks if he can get new shoes! Intially both monkeys hated having their feet meausured but now they love it. My Mum said I have always liked new shoes too, even from a younger age than the monkey are now.

I've been searching the internet for shoes and boots I know will look great on them. Of course it's not all about how shoes look, suitability, durability and affordability come into shoe purchases too!

We like to get both monkeys trainers, gore-tex boots, school shoes of course and I'd love them to have Kids Ugg Boots. Being boys of course it would not be practical them wearing the 'traditional' Classic chestnut ankle Uggs, even though I would love them to
but these Uggs Orin black soft leather lace up boots are ideal for two busy and lively young boys!
I love my Uggs and wish hubby would let me get the monkeys some! I think he thinks they are all tan with fur inside. Of course I know they are not! There are those but they are just one style that Uggs do. I really love these Uggs Callum chocolate leather Chelsea boots too. So versatile and bang on trend.

I'd get the monkeys more shoes if I could but I know they're feet are growing all the time, so that would just be silly! I can't stop myself though! Best I buy them for me then! I mean, my feet stopped growing a long time ago, so any footwear will last and last.....won't it?! 

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