Project 365 - Weeks 45 & 46

Day 305. A quick guinea pig hutch clean so these babies had a quick munch in the carry case.
Day 306. Gorgeous autumn colours on the afternoon school run.
Day 307. Yummy breakfast with friends.
Day 308. Who'd have thought you could get giant crumpets!
Day 309. It's Christmas! Well, not really but Costa have their cups out.
Day 310. A yummy tart made at the Pampered Chef party I went to.
Day 311. The monkeys were particularly chilled here!
Day 312. All ready for a meal out with Friends.
Day 313. New shoes. Enough said!
Day 314. Very chuffed to have reached this score!
Day 315. Little monkey roaring with his new lion.
Day 316. Making a gloomy day look more colourful.
Day 317. A year since pledging to get fir and lose weight!
Day 318. Playing nicely for once........

I'll be honest I've been working more and really have struggled to take photo's! I almost gave up but how can I when I've come this far into my second year of doing Project 365? I like having the daily photo to look back on but sometimes I almost forget or there is nothing much to photograph!

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