Slug In A Jug - Orchard Toys - Review

We love a good game we can all play here and also love Orchard Toys so when I was asked to become an ambassador I was delighted to accept. One of our roles is to review the Orchard Toys, so we have been sent Slug in a Jug to put to the test! 
Three fun rhyming word games. Play Slug in a Jug by collecting rhyming cards to make a silly sentence, or play Find the Rhyme or Rhyming Pairs. Suitable for ages 5-9yrs and for 2-4 players Slug in a Bug has a RRP of £7.50.

Ideal for both the monkeys who are both within the recommended age range, this seemed like a great game to encourage little monkey to play now that he is at school and learning his phonics!
I have to say at this point we've concentrated more on the silly sentence aspect of the game, which both monkeys found funny, though perhaps a little tricky at times for little monkey who needed help to make up sentences!
The game took about the right length of time to play before little monkey started to get bored (which was mainly due to him not finding cards that had the same sounds on as the one in front of him.
The quality of the game pieces are excellent and the pictures clear and bright. The monkeys love this sort of rhyming and matching game that we can all sit down together and play. This game helps with -

  • Develops Personal and Social Skills
  • Encourages Observational Skills
  • Promotes Language and Literacy 

The rhyming cards are colour coded. Meaning children who don't understand rhyming can still play and learn. We would recommend it to others with children of a similar age (Especially those learning to read). Along with many of the other Orchard Toys games we already own we think this one is great!

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