The Importance of Teddy Bears

As a child I loved my cuddly toys. I had way too many but they never left my room and were there to stay! I had my favourites of course and some were very well looked after and some, of course, were very worn and tired looking, even chewed. But I loved them. Big ones, small ones, dressed ones, colourful ones and character ones! I can't actually remember ever cuddling up to them in bed but they had to be there (or at least in my room), of course my Mum may say otherwise! Naturally when I had my own children I assumed they would love them too! Wrong! Well, as babies and toddlers they really couldn't have cared less. Now though, at 4 and 7yrs the monkeys do take a shine to some of their bears and this delights me! Why? Because I think cuddly toys are all part of growing up. They give comfort, teach children the importance of caring and offer security. Portable and often well loved, Bears become a child's companion and that can only be a good thing. Right? 
Say It With Bears sell a huge range of teddies that each come with their own personalised gift card and birth certificate. 
We have loads and loads of soft toys and teddies and each one was bought lovingly with the monkeys in mind. The first, a build your own monkey from a pre-children weekend away when I was expecting big monkey! I must have known my babies would be monkeys! 
So, do you think teddies are important for children when growing up? So many adults have them too. I think they really do play an important part in growing up as do many other adults it would seem! Do you still have your favourite teddy from childhood? Do let me know.

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