The Value of Sight!

How much do we take our sight for granted? My sight is very important to me and always has been. I come from a family of glasses wearers due to being short or long sighted. Both my Grandad and Mum had cataracts which were removed via operations on the NHS and hubby has an astigmatism, so none of us take our sight for granted but many people do! 

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to lose your sight? Close your eyes and imagine going about your day – how much of what you do would still be possible if you couldn’t see, and had no support or help adapting? Who or what would you miss seeing most? Now imagine how frustrating it would be if the condition that caused your sight loss was completely treatable, but medical help was out of your reach.

A year ago Sightsavers launched the #MillionMiracles appeal with the aim of funding a million sight-saving cataract operations at a cost of £30 each. To support the appeal this year they’re asking the UK public to think about the #ValueofSight, and how they would probably give anything to save their vision.

People like Laurinda in Mozambique, who is in her early 30’s and a single mother to seven children, including one year old Telma who she has never seen. She’s been blind for four years, can’t work or even get water for herself, and had no hope of seeing again until the Sightsavers mobile surgery team met her during a village screening.
Sightsavers asked three volunteers to take on a challenge that would change the way they thought about their sight forever!
A pretty powerful video don't you think! If you would like to donate to help save someones sight and support the #MillionMiracles appeal please do take a moment to do so. 
Here in the UK we are lucky to have the NHS but others like
Laurinda do not have that luxury! Sadly my Grandad is no longer with us but my Mum is and her sight is almost perfect now. She no longer even wears glasses all the time. 
I so pleased that Laurinda got her cataracts removed and can now see again.
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