Week 47 - Project 365

Day 319. Loving this clothing for the monkeys and I from FG4 fashion sent for review.
Day 320. A sleeping child photo after work (as I forgot to get a pic!)
Day 321. My weekly coffee date with friends and we treated ourselves to a fab hot chocolate each!
Day 322. Well to start the day there was some sunshine and blue sky! It didn't last though!
Day 323. A mid afternoon cuppa has become a bit of a habit. It has to be in a bone china cup too. This time very late due to travelling home from a family funeral in Surrey.
Day 324. Christmas shopping with the MIL and we popped into Hamleys. Little monkey would have loved this bus display.
Day 325. My new poinsettia (as I finally killed the old one off after a few years).

This week has been another featuring a bad back again, a funeral and my beloved past time of shopping, so a mix of good and bad! We're not liking this cold snap (we've been spoilt by the mild weather until now). Hope your week has been good?

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