Christmas Tree Decorations!

Each year since the monkeys have been born we've added special or different Christmas Tree decorations to our tree. I think it even started when we met back in 2005, so actually 3yrs before big monkey was born.....and we've carried this tradition on.

We had some personalised dough decorations made when in New York in 2005, and have since added Baby's 1st Christmas baubles (twice over) plus others each year. Each Christmas I look out for decorations that can either be personalised or are a little different.

Just some of those are below! 
One of this years great finds is the engraved metal Snowman tree decoration in the bottom right photo. The personalised decoration is a great addition to our collection and is perfect at under £10.

I love the reindeer hand print little monkey made for our tree at school this year. His first Christmas since starting school. Those handmade tree decorations are always special aren't they! The jingly star in the top right photo is our newest find...in the sales just the other day. 

I'm wondering how many Christmas tree's we'll need to hold all the decorations by the time the monkeys are grown up and have left home! 

We hope you all have a great Christmas 2015! 

Thanks to personalise.co.uk for sending us the snowman decoration.



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