Final Project 365 of 2015!

Well what a great year it's been for us! New job for hubby meaning holidays and a new car for us. Weight loss for me resulting in great opportunities for the blog and member of the year at the gym for me to name just a few things. Little monkey started school and big monkey started junior school! Its been fab and here's hoping next year is just as good! 

Here's our final 365 round up post for 2015, this the 2nd year I've taken part in project 365, it's been tough and times and I've almost stopped more than once but I like having the memories to look back on! 

See you next year for more project 365! 
Day 354. Monekys in bed and hubby at the cinema watching Star Wars so a little bit of me time! 
Day 355. At the local soft play we visited Santa. 
Day 356. A great evening at Westminster Abbey for their Christmas Inspire Carol Concert then onto this impressive venue for mulled wine and mince pies! 
Day 357. I treated myself to a Christmas bouquet. Sadly they did not look this good for long! 
Day 358. Christmas Eve and all aboard Santa's Express at Audley End Miniature Railway. A rare photo of us all!
Day 359. It's Christmas! Dinner out and the monkeys were allowed their new iPads and football kits.
Day 360. A Boxing Day walk for us which really blew the cobwebs away.
Day 361. An afternoon invite to a friends open house meant a quick change for the monkeys. I love dressing them the same from time to time! 
Day 362. Mad for fresh food after party food I sent Hubby to M&S for a quick fix!
Day 363. The Christmas Tree is staying until after January the 1st! I'll miss it.
Day 364. OMG, I'm loving my new toy which arrived today! It's awesome.
Day 365. A lovely sunny clear day for the final day of 2015! 

Happy New Year everyone!


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