Hogwarts in the Snow

I've heard lots of great things about the making of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros Studio Tour London and have been very keen to see for myself what all the fuss is about! So how thrilled do you think I was when we were all invited along to Hogwarts in The Snow very recently? To say I was delighted is an understatement.
The monkeys aren't yet got into Harry Potter. Little monkey is far too young but hubby and I of course remember the hype when the books came out and then the films! 

We in particular were very keen to take the tour and see for ourselves just how awesome it is. We were not disappointed!
As soon as we pulled up and saw the iconic Happy Potter sign over the studio entrance we got excited. The venue is so easy to get to and there is ample free parking. Buses are layed on from Watford to the studio too. 
We arrived a little early (to allow for traffic) and collected our complimentary tickets before entering the very impressive foyer. There currently stands the most impressive gigantic snow covered Christmas tree. There are also toilets, a cafe and the gift shop. Much memorabilia hangs in the foyer. Opposite the main entrance to the foyer is entrance to the actual tour.
Our tour was booked for 16.30. Everything was very well organised so we were ushered through (along with others booked into the same time slot) right on time and eager to see what was to come. This part of the tour is guided and the team member Lara was informative, fun and obviously enjoys doing her job. Once you get through the Great Hall you can take your time to take the rest of the tour unguided (which they say takes about 3hrs). We didn't take the option of the audio tour.
Despite knowing very little about Harry Potter the monkeys seemed to take everything in and were really keen on what they saw. They enjoyed collecting stamps in their 'The Making of Harry Potter Passports' and were incredibly well behaved. Little monkey was excited to see the Hogwarts Express.
Everything you see is fantastic, you are transported back to the films and it's all of great quality and imagination. 
Currently the Goblet of Fire comes alight and of course everything it very festive. 
The monkeys didn't want to have a go in any of the virtual scenes you can partake in sadly. I'm hoping when we go back another time they'll be keen to try flying in the car over the top of the Hogwarts Express or having a go at learning how to use a wand! 
Sadly the noise the Hogwarts Express made upset little monkey (who has a sensitivity to some noises) and this put him off staying on Platform 9 and 3 quarters. So we rushed through and did't get to stop in the railway shop or sit in the interior carriage set. 
The BackLot cafe sees the start of the outside set where the Knight bus, the Hogwarts Bridge and of course Pivert Drive is. We didn't try the Butterbeer, which you can get there too. The Butterbeer ice-cream looked amazing! We loved the snow drifting down on us.
Eventually you get to the most amazing Hogwarts in the Snow model. It's huge and just awesome! Everyone was seriously impressed. The tour really is a must see and do experience.
It took us less than 3hrs but I think it would have taken that long had we taken part in the scene activities, stopped for Butterbeer and stopped longer in the souvenier and gift shop. 
We all loved the tour and would go back in a heartbeat. We left happy and full of everything we'd seen. A trully magical expereince that is extemely well presented and staffed. We took so many photo's I really could not have added them all! This really is just a whistle stop 'tour' of our experience to give you an idea of what to expect.

Thanks so much to Warner Bros Studio Tour London for gifting us the tickets in return for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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