OMG, I Only Went And Won........

Won what you wonder? I only went and won the Member of the Year Award at the gym! As voted for by the members and up against 10 other members I was voted the winner 2015. When the winner was announced at the Christmas social on Saturday night I really wasn't expecting my name to be called out! I was delighted but surprised to have won when called up in front of around 85 others to collect my prize. Embarrassed too but secretly chuffed to bits. The whole place erupted in cheers and applause! 
How cool is THAT! 
This year really has been great for me. I feel fab and have managed to keep off all the weight I've lost. I still very enjoy exercising regularly and love the feeling of being fitter and healthier. Shopping for clothes is now a blast and I'm so proud of my efforts! 


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