Feeling Underwhelmed in 2016

Last year was pretty epic for several reasons and one I can say I was sorry to see the back off! I loved it and have been somewhat underwhelmed and a little lost so far this year. I know it's still very early on but I need goals and things to work towards. Last year was all about me getting fit and my weight loss and now I've achieved that, what? 

Obviously I need to maintain my new fitness levels and keep the weight off but I need more than that! I want to exercise (I never thought I'd say that) and keep it off and I want to be healthy but I want to push myself too! 

I've signed up for the Moon Walk in May...26 miles of walking overnight with a group of like minded people to raise money for charity.

I've just (madly) agreed to do the Nuclear Races Nuclear Blast in September too. A 5k obstacle course in mud! Now I don't do mud (and once upon a time I didn't do exercise either) so this is big for me! 

I think I'd probably like to do the 50k bike ride again this year that I did for charity last year! 
So, I suppose this year can certainly be as good as last year and even better too. I just need to keep pushing and trying new things! I want to feel as good as I did in 2015 and to do that I need to achieve these goals and more! 

What plans do you have for 2016? Anyhting you've wanted to do but not tried before?  


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