Funding A New Car!

Looking to buy a new car, how would you fund it?

We were fortunate enough to pay cash for our last car but over 9yrs down the line we've had to replace it and of course we had to weigh up our buying options. 
Stoneacre finance have a great infographic 'on the road to good credit'. Lets face it unless you are very well off or indeed have a company car most of us need credit of some description to get a new car. Its a big purchase and one that needs some planning before taking the plunge!
The graphic above shows the simple steps you can follow to ensure you have a good credit rating for when applying for car finance. It suggests things you can do to help. Like not moving house too often or changing jobs frequently. Never miss a payment and never use pay day loans! Hopefully if you follow these simple idea's along with all of those above, when it comes to getting finance for a new car, you'll be well on your way to getting those new wheels before you know it! Exciting hey. 

We love our new car and are delighted we took the time to research our options before taking on the challenge of finding the right car for us. 

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