Our best bits of 2015

Well what a year it's been. So much has happened and all pretty good things too. I think the biggest thing to happen (for me) was my weight loss. It's really helped me to gain my confidence back and not least get fit and feel so much more healthier. Losing weight has also opened so many doors for me, including renewing my love for all things shoes and buying clothes. I'm a shopaholic at heart you see!
I've been asked to write about my journey for a large retail brand and have been photographed and filmed too. Rode 50k for charity and have signed up for next years Moon Walk in London, covering 26 miles! None of which would have happened in 2014! Ending the year winning Member of the Year at the gym was the icing on the cake. Just awesome! 

As a family we've been able to go on our first full weeks holiday together since the monkeys came along due to hubby no longer being self employed but now employed meaning 5 weeks paid holiday per year from zero paid holiday per year! The holiday weather could have been kinder but we had a great time nonetheless.
In turn this development has meant we managed to get a new family car (which hubby had been wanting for a long time) and the monkeys love the fact that we've got the car they and hubby have been dreaming of getting.

Aside from a little blip when little monkey had to have his grommets removed under general anaesthetic both monkeys have been fit and healthy as have hubby and I. 

Of course it was a big year for both monkeys with little monkey starting school and big monkey moving up to juniors! They both settled in very well and luckily little monkey loves school. We are very lucky! 
Big monkey got the awesome opportunity to be a mascot at a major Arsenal match at the Emirates stadium which rounded off a good year of football playing for him.
Our aspirations for 2016?

Well, a holiday is already booked for the summer holidays. I'd like to continue to improve my fitness levels and of course complete the Moon Walk! I'd also like to run at least 5k.....I'm not a runner! 

We'd just love for the monkeys to continue to enjoy school and do their best and of course for us all to continue to be fit and healthy! 
Regarding the blog, 2015 has been the best year by far with lots of amazing opportunities and great relationships built. I'd love for more of the same in 2016.

Thanks so much for reading and it just remains for me to wish you all a very Happy New Year! 


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