Project 366 #2

WOW, how cold has it turned? I think we've been spoilt until now. This week has flown by and I can't believe that in just a few weeks my baby will be 5! Oh how quickly that time has gone.
This weeks photo's are quite a mix. Here goes!
Day 10. Hubby and I have been trying some of the Lean in 15 meals. This was delicious!
Day 11. Hello Miss Guinea Pig! Waves at Sarah!
Day 12. Well hello new boots. Lush and very comfortable, I could not resist these in the sale.
Day 13. The monkeys and daddy arrived home with these flowers for me the other day. Still looking great.
Day 14. Very early morning spin class done!
Day 15. Awe, this is my Wedding dress which now fits again! A little too big in fact but oh so good to try on. I adore it!
Day 16. Football was much more bearable today with the sun shinning and the pitch being a bit secluded. So different from last week.

We're linking up with TheBoyandMe this year.

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