Project 366 - Week 4

I've some exciting news this week! I've gone and got myself another job and start next week. I'm delighted as only thought about getting something else the week last week! It was my first interview in 10yrs too. 
It's a pretty awesome week all round as little monkey turns 5 yrs old this weekend, so we've a party planned and of course he cannot wait. It's nice to have his birthday to look forward to in January! 
Here's our week 4.
Day 24. My gorgeous handsome monkeys all set for an evening meal out.
Day 25. Lunch care of hubby.....build up bagel after a tough boxing class.
Day 26. Brunch with the girls at the local premier Inn!
Day 27. How can these daffodils already be in bloom?!
Day 28. At A Next Lingerie event at Bluewater.....mmm cake!
Day 29. I guinea pig hiding but the other two keen to feed.
Day 30. A friend made these cakes for little monkey! Aren't they cool!

Winter months are so much better when there are things to look forward to! How has your week been?!  
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