Taken back to the best day!

My Wedding Day over 8yrs ago. One of THE best ever days of my life! I cried the day after as I was so sad the day was over and I wanted to do it all again! I really would not have changed a single thing! Ever since I've dreamt of wearing my gorgeous Wedding dress again and fitting into it even! I soon fell pregnant with big monkey after our honeymoon and until now I assumed the dress wouldn't fit. I'd been thinking of getting it down from it's box and trying it on but something held me back. Worry that it still wouldn't fit I suppose.
Yesterday I took the plunge! I asked Hubby to get the box down from the top of the wardrobe and excitedly opened the dress box I'd bought and had it wrapped into after it had been cleaned.
As soon as I saw my dress I was transported back to our big day. It's still so beautiful. Completely different to the style of dress I thought I wanted but when I tried it on in the bridal stop during a personal appointment I just knew it was THE ONE. Much like I knew Hubby was THE ONE! It made me feel like a million dollars and still does.
So, taking the plunge last night I took the dress out of its box, admired how gorgeous it still is and climbed into it. Hubby did it up and I asked him to take these photo's. I really didn't want to take it off again....so for a while I didn't! I sat (carefully) on the sofa watching TV in it and dreaming of wearing it for real again! I've not ever thought about having our marriage vowels renewed and neither would I BUT I'd love to have my Wedding day as was over again! 


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