Time to Think Holidays!

As soon as Christmas is over many of us turn to thinking about booking holidays, and of course, the travel companies advertise galore! This got me thinking about the ideal holiday for us all as a family. We have actually booked a UK based holiday for this summer (which we booked last year) but one day we want to take the monkeys abroad. I think Spain would be one of my first choice destinations for their first holiday overseas! 
It's not too far away, the weather is generally better than in the UK but not too hot. None of us have ever been there before and it's somewhere I've always wanted to go! I've had a taste or two of traditional Spanish food and it's delicious. Another great reason to holiday there! I'd actually love to learn Spanish but don't have the confidence to do so! So, with the right accommodation, facilities, weather and of course the company, Spain sounds like the perfect place for us.
Holiday Villages sound just perfect for us! Free Kids places, outdoor activities, theme days, all-inclusive holidays, evening entertainment, kids clubs and more. Everything to suit everyone in the family! I found the video above which shows just some of the things on offer at a holiday village such as those in Spain.
photo credit:first choice holidays
Everything is on site and there's so much to keep the kids occupied (including the big kids!) I'm thinking a week would be the right length for us to start with then maybe in the future year we could go for longer. 10 days maybe?

Of course having a football mad big monkey he would love to visit The Nou Camp stadium, Barcelona and Barcelona is somewhere I've also wanted to visit for sometime. I've heard great things about the architecture and shopping, so this would be a great place to factor a visit to when planning a holiday in Spain

Where would you recommend in Spain? Ideal time to go? Must go places to visit? I'd love to hear. We must get the monkeys passports and then we'll be one step closer to planning a great first family holiday abroad.

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