Fungus Amungus - New Toy - Review

Earlier towards the end of last month saw this years Toy Fair and the release of the new toy Fungus Amungus! Boys collectibles: a collection of gross-out squidgy characters. 

"In a secret lab deep underground The Bio Busters have been capturing and experimenting on the world’s most grossest beings - the Funguys! The Funguys are a collection of germs, spores, bacteria, moulds and more - some are creepy, some are gross but they are all super sticky!"

"After years of being poked, squashed, stretched, examined and contained by The Bio Busters the Funguys have had enough and escaped into the human world, causing all sorts of mayhem." 
We were lucky to be one of the first to get our hands on them! A special package for the monkeys was sent and we were
asked to open it very carefully!
The box arrived with a caution tape around it and even had a warning sign inside the lid! Yikes....what are these devilish creatures?!
I'm not sure what the monkeys thought but at first they were willing to play along!
On opening our box we were met with rubber gloves, a pair of protective glasses, a shower proof cape, poster, USB stick, and the Fungus Amungus!
Although originally up for a challenge the monkeys opted out leaving Daddy to dress up and fight his fears! The Fungus Amungus were unleashed!
There are seven different strains of Fungus Amungus......Oozey Fungus, the slickest, slimiest, slipperiest Funguys of them all. Digital Fungus, these techy tyrants are pretty smart and know all the best places to hide. Tropical Fungus, jungles, rainforest's, caves and even wild animals; these are the places the Tropical Funguys hide away. Wild Fungus, If you go down to the woods today… you're sure for a Funguys surprise. Body Fungus, Body Funguys are perhaps the most troublesome and mischievous of them all. Foodie Fungus, have you ever looked closely at the back of your fridge or inside last week's lunch box? Friendly Fungus, the best of a bad bunch! Friendly Funguys try to help out, spreading their ‘good bacteria' around the world. 
We were sent three of the slimy suckers! Each one comes 'alive' and sticks to everything! The monkeys loved chucking them around the room so they stuck to the ceiling, the walls and more. I've tried to work out which ones we have but cannot work it out very easily! With over 100 to collect I'm sure not knowing the exact species won't matter quite yet! Prices start at £2.49 going up to £19.99 for the ExGERMinator" Action play set. All available from Vivid at Amazon and other leading toy stores! 

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