Holidaying Ditty! #MarkWarnerMum

Having been abroad but never with the monkeys I've often wondered where our perfect holiday would be! I think we'd all have different idea's of a perfect holiday but for me personally it would include lots of warm sunshine, a pool for us all to splash around in, good food and happy times. Spain, the Caribbean or Florida maybe? Somewhere we could make everlasting memories of precious family time together.

I've got my 'creative writer' head on and thought up a little ditty!

This year we'll fly
Up high in the sky
To a sunshine destination
Where we'll have great expectation.

We'll pack suncream, hats and beach shoes galore
Then when there, we'll be ready to explore.
Sun hats donned and a bikini body for she
You'll be so proud of me.

For this time last year I'd have covered up,
I'd have rather worn a black sack than a bikini bra cup.
Not this year though, we'll holiday with pride
As this year we'll get the best ride.

On a boat, in the water, we shall see
Lots to explore under the great sea.
The sun will shine
Whilst we drink the best wine.
Various pics taken on days out and holiday
The kids will play in the kids club
Whilst Mum and Dad get a body rub.
For they'll be a Spa
Oh and of course there will be a bar.

We shall eat the best cuisine
Whilst relaxing with a magazine.
Taste the local food
As not to would be really rather rude.

Of course I could just be daydreaming
But lets be positive here.
We shall get that sunshine holiday,
Have a Mark Warner dream holiday some day! 

This is my entry into the Mark Warner Holidays Family Ambassador Programme competition. Keep everything crossed for us please!

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