How I'd Dress Hubby for the day!

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Hubby works in the fitness profession so he pretty much always dresses in tracksuit bottoms, trainers and work branded t-shirts and hoodies. Whilst he always looks good how I'd dress hubby would be very slightly different.
Of course he wears what he does to work because he has to. During family time, days off and for socialising I think in general he has it pretty much spot on! Jean's, a top (usually a t-shirt) and casual pumps. 
If we are going out for a meal the jeans are smarter, pumps are swapped for brogues and the t-shirt is swapped for a shirt and sometimes a blazer. House of Fraser recently asked me what I'd dress him in for the day! Personally I always think he looks good but I would say he would also suit polo shirts! They are timeless, look good and are so versatile. You can dress them up or down! Wear them with jeans, denim shorts in summer, chino's.
I like the fitted style of a polo shirt on him. They look smarter than a t-shirt.
I'd buy him similar to these two polo shirts. The bottom one in particular looks super cool. I love the stripes and the colour too! I'd team it with jeans and some converse! I'm pretty sure he would wear what I'd choose. He has good taste (of course) and I would most likely wear what he chose for me! Not that we need to buy or choose each others clothes of course. This you see is just for fun! 

So there you have it, a polo shirt, jeans and pumps! Not that different from what he would choose himself! 

How would YOU dress your partner for the day?


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