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The monkeys love watching Lily's Driftwood Bay and there's now a great new DVD out! 



Join six-year-old Lily and her menagerie of friends as they set sail for a whole raft of adventures on the beautiful island of Driftwood Bay in the brand new DVD Lily’s Driftwood Bay: Message in a Bottle from Abbey Home Media out now.

Lily’s Driftwood Bay is a delightful mixed media animation series produced by Sixteen South which airs on Nick Jr and Channel 5’s Milkshake. The series follows Lily, a little girl who lives in a beach hut with her Dad (Richard Dormer) and creates an imaginary world from treasures she finds washed up on the shore. Every day, the sea washes up a new treasure, which sparks Lily’s imagination about what might be happening ‘across the way on Driftwood Bay’ so, with her best friend Gull the clever seagull in tow, an adventure begins as they head off to Driftwood Bay and its cast of colourful inhabitants.

There’s Salty Dog (Peter Mullan), a jolly sailor with a story for every occasion. Nonna Dog (Annette Crosbie), a sage granny who runs Cockle Café and is always ready with advice and a Puffin Muffin. Hatsie Hen (Tameka Empson), a train-driving hen with a need for speed and a love of excitement. Bull (Ardal O’Hanlon), a boisterous bull who always charges head first into things (often literally). Wee Rabbit (Jane Horrocks), a gentle young bunny with a love of art and Lord Stag (Stephen Fry) an aristocratic deer with a taste for the finer things in life.

A unique series about making fun and adventure from unwanted treasure, this charming DVD features ten adventures with Lily and her friends:

Message in a Bottle - It’s Gull’s birthday and Lily finds a bottle washed up on the beach with a clue inside it! Following the clues on Driftwood Bay leads Lily and Gull to the best birthday ever when they reach the end of the mysterious trail.

Honking Haddock - On Driftwood Bay, Salty is getting ready for a special lunch with Hatsie, and splashes on some of his old Honking Haddock aftershave. When Lily tries to explain to Salty that he smells terrible, he refuses to listen!

Old Bertha - Lily finds a paintbrush washed up on the beach and on the way to Driftwood Bay, she learns that Salty is planning to paint and repair Bertha, his old boat. When he’s called away, Lily gathers her friends to fix up the boat as a surprise for Salty... but they soon realise that boat mending is harder than they expected.

Stop That Pudding! - Lily finds a set of measuring spoons, which she puts to good use on Driftwood Bay. Nonna has taken a tumble and needs to rest, so Salty steps in to cook an important pudding. He gets the recipe wrong and has to deal with a very large and hostile pudding!

Puffin Muffins - Lily finds a whisk on the beach and takes it along to Nonna’s Baking Class. Nonna proves to be a tricky teacher, who likes things to be done exactly how she says, but soon finds that she doesn’t have many pupils left when she’s not open to new ideas!

Starfish in the Sky - When Lily finds a small piece of pipe on the beach, she imagines it to be a telescope. When Salty tells her about the Starfish Constellation, Lily becomes determined to see it for herself. She tries her best to get as close to the sky as she can, but soon realises that seeing stars requires a different approach!

Silly Seals - Lily finds a hooty horn washed up on the beach and on the crossing to Driftwood Bay she meets some friendly seals. Lily is sure she can train the seals to do tricks with her new horn – but Salty isn’t so sure.

Harbour Cookies - Lily finds a cookie cutter on the beach and decides that it would be fun to open a cookie stall at the Driftwood Bay harbour. She doesn’t however anticipate the effect her new business will have on poor Nonna, who also sells cookies at her Cockle Café!

Seaweed Pie - An old wooden spoon washed up on the beach inspires Nonna to once again cook her famous Seaweed Pie. Salty leads Lily on a Golden Seaweed hunting expedition, but he goes a little too far and ends up trapped by the incoming sea!

Runaway Stag! - A sculpting tool washed up on the beach takes Lily on an imaginary journey to Driftwood Bay where Lord Stag has commissioned Wee Rabbit to make a huge statue of himself. Stag insists that the statue is made bigger and bigger until a disaster on the way to Stag Castle sends the huge statue hurtling out of control!  

Certificate: U

The celebrate the release of this great DVD we are giving one copy away thanks to Abbey Home Media! Just complete the rafflecopter form below! Giveaway opens Midnight 13th Feb 2016 and closes Midnight 28th Feb 2016. Open to UK residents only. Good Luck! 
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