Project 366 #5

The week started so well, with 5th Birthday celebrations and me starting a new job but now little monkey is ill. He keeps saying his tummy hurts and he has a temperature. Not surprising when his school friends have all be ill but still not nice!
Here's our week in photo's!
Day 31. Little monkeys 5th Birthday. Here he is opening presents from his party.
Day 32. A build up bagel day again after a boxing fitness class at the gym.
Day 33. All dressed and set for my first day in my new job!
Day 34. A cheeky biscuit or two with a Costa latte before going to my other job.
Day 35. The Room movie was so good. I'm looking forward to these two!
Day 36. Mummy guinea pig Holly is doing mighty fine.
Day 37. A somewhat dried and frazzled hydrangea, there are hidden shoots coming through.

I'm hoping little monkeys illness is short lived and he feels better soon. How has your week been?

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