So the wardrobe is bursting!

Sssh.....Don't let the hubby know I've said this! As some of you may have gathered I'm a bit of a shop-a-holic. Now he does know that but the time has come to have another sort out. The wardrobe is bursting! Since losing my weight last year and enjoying shopping again I've bought lots of clothes. Lets face it they were needed! I went from a size 16/18 to an 8, so they were totally necessary. Maybe the tons of pairs of shoes were not so essential, but hey they make me happy!
My main clothing loves are shoes and coats! I've no idea why? I've always love them, and watches too. Luckily nowadays I don't even have to leave my sofa for my clothing loves.....I shop online! So much easier than traipsing the shops with two young boys in tow. 
I shop in several different online stores. One of those MandM Direct sells both shoes and women's jackets and coats so it's a winner for me! With discounted brands it's a shop-a-holics paradise! I love shopping......it makes me happy! I cannot help it. Online or mall shopping (without the kids). I'm easy.

I've a few too many jackets, coats and shoes (well lots too many!) Also a large selection of gym wear, and lots more choice in general! So now I can't actually fit anymore clothes into my wardrobe! 
The best solution for me would be to buy bigger wardrobes but sadly this is not an option. I could get rid of some clothes but I don't need to, neither do I want to! The only option then is to sort through the clothes and put all the summer things away......maybe then there will be more room for more clothes! Ha ha! See, I'm not daft! 
It's pretty hard being a woman with these issues hey! Of course if we lived in a big house with big walk in wardrobes I don't think I'd ever leave them! You would find me sat there amongst my clothes and shoes, jackets and coats, with the laptop, tea and cake in hand, ordering more clothes online. 

Right, best I get my sorting head on and get this wardrobe tidied and sorted. I need more room for Spring jackets, coats and shoes.
Does anyone else have the same issue?! Surely not just me!

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