The C Word!

The C word is everywhere we turn. Cancer is hideous! None of it is good, although some is treatable, childhood cancer seems worse! 

Luckily (touch wood) we've not had first hand experience of childhood cancer but we have adult relatives who've had cancer and that itself has been very stressful and not at all nice! Thankfully they have responded to treatment but others aren't so lucky. 

1 in 3 people will be affected by cancer at some point! That's an awful lot of people. This has to stop!

Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens, in partnership with TK Maxx, have been running a joint clothing collection campaign since 2004. 

Give Up Clothes for Good is the UK’s biggest clothing collection. Together, they've already raised £22 million – £18 million of which has gone into research to help beat children’s cancer. Making TK Maxx the biggest corporate funder of research into children’s cancers in the UK.

Simply take your used clothes, accessories and home ware to TK Maxx, and they will be sold in Cancer Research UK shops. The proceeds are used to fight children’s cancer – there are permanent donation points in every store, so you can donate year-round.

Unwanted clothes to donate
Some of the many clothes we can sort and donate

We shall definitely doing this. I only posted the other day that my wardrobe is fit to burst and the monkeys have clothes they've grown out of! Hubby is always looking to recycle clothes! What better cause than to help raise much needed funds for children’s cancer.

In the 1970s, only around 1 in 4 children with cancer survived. Today, almost 3 in 4 survive – and Cancer Research UK is at the heart of this huge progress. But there’s still more work to do.

Currently, Cancer is the leading cause of death in under 25s in the UK; four children a day will be told they have the disease. How awful is that! God forbid it happens to either of our two monkeys! This is why TK Maxx needs YOUR help. Cancer Research UK’s work is funded entirely by the public, but with your support, it can continue its ground breaking research to help even more children survive. 

The campaign with TK Maxx will run all year round, raising more funds for Cancer Research UK and helping to beat kids’ cancers sooner. All the money raised will help fund research into children's cancers.

What are you waiting for? Get sorting and bagging up those unwanted clothes, your unwanted home ware and accessories and bring it to TK Maxx. Give Up Clothes for Good! #Igiveupmy

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