Up for the Challenge?

It's no secret that last year was spent getting fit, losing weight and feeling the mental and physical benefits of losing four and a half stone! Just by cutting out rubbish food, eating a healthy balanced diet and by exercising! 
Until then I exercised once in a while because I felt I had to. I would be the reluctant exerciser who would find any excuse not to go to the gym. I'd use the lift instead of stairs, drive instead of walking and avoid sport.
There came a time though at around the time I knew I had to lose weight and change my lifestyle that I felt my body was almost crying out for exercise and that is when my lifestyle changed dramatically. 
I'm now a converted gym goer and love nothing more than being active. I wear trainers and gym wear far more often than ever before and do my up most to be active day to day. Most days I exceed the 10,000 steps a day that I set myself the task of completing and I do classes at the gym as much as 4 times a week (when work allows). If I miss out a class I feel hard done by.
This year I've set myself the goal of running 5k and I've signed up to the Moonwalk in May. I've also madly agreed to to a 5k muddy run/obstacle course with a friend in September. So when challenged by sportshoes.com to use the gym once a week during January and do weekly trail runs throughout January too I was delighted to accept! To help me on my mission sportshoes.com kindly suggested I chose sports wear and shoes from their website and offered some advise for the trail runs.
The gym going was easy of course but being a non runner who wants to reach 5k without knee pain I knew this would be more of a challenge. It started well. I enlisted the help of a friend and during our 1st trail run we ran for 1 minute 20 seconds and walked for 1 minute over the course of 20 minutes on our local rugby pitch! It was cold and muddy under foot but afterwards I felt a great sense of achievement. 
The second week trail run went better still. We started our run on the paths where we live and then down by the river on uneven surfaces and unmade roads and dirt tracks. Over 4 miles covered and again at run/walk intervals. This was the most running I'd ever achieved in adulthood!
Sadly this is where the trail running stopped....I failed. Some how I got a foot injury (most likely during that 2nd run) and did no exercise at all for a week! Sorry sportshoes.com...I let myself and you down! Eager to get exercising again as soon as I could I got back to the gym for a spin class and have been going regularly again since. My foot is still a little sore at times but I've tried some treadmill running and I will get to the 5k goal this year!
The trail shoes I picked from sportshoes.com are quite different from running shoes I've worn before but offer great support. I've been frequently wearing the running leggings and asics trainers to my gym classes and love the two running tops I chose for my challenge. Thanks guys! 
There's a great little survey on the site where those partaking are entered into a prize draw to win trainers. Why not have a go at filling it in. It's all about how exercising makes you feel! 
I'm definitely an exercise bunny now. I love the way it makes me feel and I've really never been so toned and so fit! I really can't see me not exercising now. I love going out for bike rides, plan on becoming a stronger swimmer and generally keeping up my fitness levels.

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