#11 - Project366

A little bit of unscheduled time off this week as big monkey was sick in the night Weds, so he and I had two enforced days off! I must say, although it was not nice him being upset and poorly I have welcomed the time at home with him. I've caught up on the housework and got some bits and bobs done. He has rested and chilled out. I think we've all just been doing a bit too much recently! Here are this weeks photo's.
Day 73. Out at 9am for an 8 mile walk in preparation for my Moon Walk in May. The park looked so fab in the sunshine.
Day 74. Look at those two cheeky monkeys! My world.
Day 75. Playing hide and seek in the guinea pig hutch!
Day 76. Hubby's birthday and he and I enjoyed a fabulous Afternoon Tea whilst the monkeys were at school.
Day 77. A day at home for big monkey and I but the chores still needed doing. I snapped the glorious weather whilst cleaning out the guinea pigs.
Day 78. The guinea pigs are out on the grass for the 1st time this year. They've a lot of chewing to do!
Day 79. Little monkey is meant to be watching big bro play football! Engrossed in his iPad instead.

Not long until the Easter holidays now, and another busy week ahead. Hope you're having a great weekend.
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