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As you know, Mama and owner of Sit Still Monkeys loves to shop. It used to be shopping for me (and has been again more recently) but since the monkeys came along I've focused mainly on them or for the home. Of course, this is how it should be. I love shopping for them both and the home! Hubby too (shhh, don't tell him). 

Obviously in the 7+ years that big monkey has been here, shopping has changed somewhat. I used to shop at my local shopping centre all the time. Now of course the Internet has taken over. I love browsing stores on the Internet and getting idea's for furniture, soft furnishings and other bits for the home.
A great way to 'shop' around within one place before deciding on the item you need or want to buy! 

I've a long list of things I'd like for our home. These include a big glass or acrylic mirror for the stairs to our loft conversion. One I can hang vertically to glance at on the way downstairs. Something a little different and that will make a statement.
Buying guides help hugely when you know you want a specific item but aren't quite sure which style, type and design to go for. For the mirror, I have had a look at this Tesco one. Of course the price comes into the decision making too. There is so much choice nowadays that sometimes it's even harder to chose the right thing.

I soon want to get a children's desk for big monkey's bedroom. It's time he has one for homework now that he is at junior school. When he has outgrown it, of course little monkey will have it. I prefer the 'old skool' ones with the lift up lid (I used to have one myself). That way he can store his books and bits in there. 

I'd love some new lounge storage and want Oak this time. Our Pine furniture has seen better days! A TV cabinet, sideboard and perhaps a coffee table, now the boys are older. I need to hide the clutter (aka DVD's and books) and want somewhere to display family photo's and stand vases of flowers! I hope my 'dreams' become a reality.
Since attending a party at the weekend another 'big' buy on our wishlist is artificial grass for the garden! Now that would be super cool and so much better than our muddy and patchy grass which gets a good battering each year from the monkeys playing football!

Best I get saving and looking online!

Photo credit:Tesco

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