Clothes Shopping Wish List!

As you may already know I love shopping! Shoes, clothes, accessories....all sorts really! Now that spring is here I'm looking to update my wardrobe and get some new spring/summer wear. I've been taking a look at what's out there and having a play on pinterest! 

Follow Jo Laybourn's board Love the Sales on Pinterest.

I've found a great site that allows you to shop the sales across the internet, so thinking of something you want, you can use the site to search the sales and see if you can get the item for less! I love it! I've seen some trousers I really want from Boden which are a lot cheaper than the original price, which I may now have to get! Tops, jackets, dresses, trousers, shoes and boots. I love them all. I like a variety or different designs and styles as I have a number of different ways to dress! There's the casual and comfy Mum style. Office job style, work with children style and the going out with family or friends style! Its good to have a big selection.
Boden Trousers
 I do love a bargain but hate to riffle through the sales rails and get the dreg end of the sale items. I'm too old and imaptient to do that now. Give me ease of shopping and the comfort of my own home to shop any day. I could go on and on and my pinterest board may well grow and grow. Since losing all the weight last year I'm so pleased my old shopping self has re-emerged. I feel much more like my old self again.

Do you have a mood board or use pinterest for ideas and wish lists?

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