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With a husband who works in the fitness profession and two small boys (aka monkeys) the washing machine is always on the go and the dishwasher gets daily use too. I'm always on the look out for effective stain removers (essential with sweaty clothes and mud stained football kits) and of course the appliances need looking after too. We live in a hard water area so it's vital we look after them! I was pleased to have come across Dr. Beckmann some time ago during my quest to keep white school polo shirts white, so was delighted when they sent us more products to try! 
I've been busy using the products and really rate them! I've not yet managed to use them all, but most. The Dry-Clean Only Sheets will come in very useful now I have a coat that is dry clean only! They go in the dryer with the garment for 20 minutes to refresh it. Genius! Only £3.49. A fraction of the cost of dry cleaning.

The Colour and Dirt Collector sheets are perfect for using in a mixed colour wash. "Dr. Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets collect all the stray dirt and dye in the wash making sure none of it sticks back onto your clothes leaving them looking dull". At £3.20 they contain 30 disposable sheets.  
The Service It Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner is £2.99. Just open the top of the box and pour the contents into the drum of your empty washing machine. Pop it onto a wash no colder than 60 degrees and wait for it to finish it's cycle. 
"Dr. Beckmann Service-it Deep Clean washing machine cleaner not only cleanses your machine but also kills 99.9% of bacteria and micro-organisms, leaving your washing machine hygienically clean and smelling fresh". Our machine is relatively new and clean but I'm pleased to have used this to make sure! 
We've used the Glowhite Ultra a few times before now. Very useful with the 10 white school polo shirts the monkeys get through each week! At £2 a box the "Dr. Beckmann Glowhite ULTRA contains an intensive formula removes the greying and yellowing, delivering a maximum ultra whitening result".

I've yet to use the Stain Devils Survival Kit (£3.99), the Pre-Wash
Stain Devils (£2.29) and Colour Run Remover ( £1.89). Purely as there's not yet been a need. They are locked safely in the cupboard under the kitchen sink ready for when they are required! 
The Service It Deep Clean Dishwasher Cleaner is very easy to use and gets rid of any dried on food, detergent deposits and unwanted odours. "Dr. Beckmann Service-it Deep Clean kills 99.9% of micro- organisms and bacteria leaving your machine hygienically clean and smelling fresh. The handy wipe is great for cleaning the door seals and around the front of the dishwasher". Just follow the simple instructions on the box and at the end of the cycle you'll have a sparkly dishwasher. £2.99.
The Service It Power Descaler Machine Limescale Remover is used to effectively remove limescale that builds up in the machine. I used it as per the instructions in the washing machine. So simple and effective. It costs £3.05.

9 Dr. Beckmann products that I shall be buying as necessary! 

You can win a bundle of Dr. Beckmann products (like the one in the photo) worth approximately £25. Just complete the rafflecopter form below by the closing date (Midnight 15/3/16). Open to UK residents only. T&C's apply. Good Luck! 
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