February Degustabox!

Ooh....lots of treats in the February Degustabox which arrived a few weeks ago! I must say I was very pleased to see some scrummy food in there.
I wanted to eat it all at once! Excluding the vinegar of course! There wasn't a lot of sharing going on this time....whoops.

We loved 
The Hartleys 10 cal Jam pots. 50p and 70p a pot. The Mr Kipling Cranberry, Orange and Oat Slices, individually sealed and £1.49 for 4. The J2O Spritz at £2.49 for 2. The London Crisp Company crisps which I'm rather partial to at £2.29 a packet. The Ritz Crisp & Thin oven baked potato snack for £2.19. The Divine fairtrade chocolate bars for £1 each and the Beloved Dates 100% natural bars at 59p for 2! All very tasty.

Yet to try
The Sarsons limited edition Malt Vinegar at 70p a bottle. The Nutribix wholegrain cereal at £3.79 a box and the VitHit Juice drink at £1.80 a bottle. I'm sure hubby will love the drink and the cereal.

The Degustabox Discoveries food is Nothing But snacks which we are very familiar with at 2 for £1.19.

Some great food items ideal for a family picnic over the coming Easter holidays or packed lunch treats for the working week.

As normal we have a whooping £6 off the subscription fee with code BLDEG15. What would be your favourite treat from those above?! It's hard to choose for me!


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