January Degustabox

January's Degustabox was packed with new food items ready for us to try. Some similar to foods we've tried before and some we'd not yet come across! I tasked hubby with taking the photo's hence the mix match of food groups and brands!
First up Finn Crisp Original crispbread. £1.20 a packet. Made from wholegrain and rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they make an ideal smack.

Next Conscious Chocolate. At £3 a bar the raw organic vegan hand-made truffle like bars come in 3 flavours. Plain Jane, Intense and Chili Hot! Delicious! 

Clarks Carob fruit syrup is a naturally sweet low GI syrup made from the Mediterranean Carob plant. Used in baking or to sweeten drinks. I'll be honest, we've not yet tried it! It costs £2.39.
Popular Jordans Country Crisp Fruit & Nut is £2.69. One of hubby's favourite cereals it did not last long.
This Yushoi pouch contains Snapea rice sticks....a different taste but quite nice! £2 a pack. Less than 99 calories per 21g serving they are a healthier alternative to fried potato crisps.
Hubby was very pleased to see in the Chinese New Year with this Tsingtao beer. £2 a bottle. Lets just say it went down a treat!
Slim Noodles are made from organic Konjac flour and oat fibre. They have zero carbs and are only 9 calories per 100g serving. Fat free, gluten free and vegan! £2.49 a pouch.

Coldpress Golden Delicious is fresher and contains more nutrients than pasteurised apple juice. Drank chilled it's rather nice! £1.40 a bottle.

Crobar natural energy bar is Degustabox's Discoveries for January. A revolutionary natural energy bar containing cricket flour. It comes in 2 flavours. £2.25 a bar.
Finally last but not least is the Amoy new taste of Asia range. Delicious cooking sauces in a convenient pouch. They are £1.79 and come in classic flavours such as Thai Green Curry, Malaysian Laska an Thai Massaman Curry. Yum!
Some interesting foods and cooking ingredients. I love the diversity of this box.

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