Project 366 - Week 10

I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to having Wednesday off with Hubby for his Birthday! Just one day off this week and I'm finding juggling everything quite mind boggling! It's been another busy week. Mostly spent working again! My photo's are pretty boring this week at times and there's even one not taken by me....sorry! 
Day 66. Mother's Day with my family and they spoilt me! Lunch out, presents and an afternoon visiting.
Day 67. Some of the lovely flowers given to me by the monkeys.
Day 68. Waiting up late to see his big brother who was at football training.
Day 69. More flowers from Mother's Day!
Day 70. A short notice photo shoot for a national newspaper, this is me made up!
Day 71. More Itty Bittys for the monkeys to review.
Day 72. Little monkeys chosen lunch venue for him and me time whilst the others two are at the local football stadium. 

I'm off today but too tired to do everything I should be doing! Taking it easy before sharing an Indian with friends tonight and working again tomorrow.
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