#Project366 Week 9

Writing this now, I feel the week has whizzed by in a whirl of work work work! Off now for the weekend I'm struggling with tiredness and a lack of enthusiasm to do anything much at all! I was so looking forward to my weekend off too! Tomorrow's another day!
My photo's are pretty mundane this week considering most of it has been spent at work.
Day 59. I was off last weekend too and Sunday was busy! A spinning class at 8am. A 6 mile walk starting at 9am, a kids party to take little monkey to at 11.30am, where we stayed for 2 hours. Big monkey tested out his football boots! 

Day 60. Between work 1st thing, the dentist and work again from 3pm, hubby and I managed a quick brunch date in a great village nearby. We even had a little stroll where I snapped this photo.

Day 61. A glorious day I captured this sky shot through the open sunroof of our car as I arrived at work.

Day 62. Wacky Wednesday at school. This was as good as I could get. Little monkey said no to all my suggestions of wacky wear. He did have sunglasses but refused to wear those too.

Day 63. World book day and right at the last minute big monkey decided he wanted to go as Frankie from the Frank Lampard books. An easy one to sort but a bit of a cop out too! 

Day 64. Phew, a much needed cuppa and some time to wind down after a busy week! Thank goodness it's Friday.

Day 65. Saturday is football day! Boo...(I do quite like it really). This time big monkey was playing on astro turf but it's fenced and gated. As you can see we were watching from the outside! It was cold, drizzly and they lost! 

Whilst drafting this post I've noticed a common theme! The colour yellow! Ha ha. Not at all intentional! Hope you've all had a good week and have a great Mother's Day 2016!
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