Keeping the Kids Busy Over Easter with Baking!

I'm a sucker for all things vintage and for things that remind me of my own childhood so when I was sent some baking equipment from the lovely people at Wilkinsons I was rather excited and delighted with equal measure! The jug and bowl are particular favourites of mine. We already have a beige version of the bowl which my Mum gave us from her old collection!
I'm so looking forward to making some heart shaped biscuits with these cute cutters very soon! Aren't they fab.
The piggy spoon and spatula are so sweet and make helping to cook fun for the monkeys (and me alike!) The small measuring scales are perfect too. I was always planning on doing some 'baking' with the monkeys over Easter so receiving these fab products when we did was perfect timing. To start we've made some Easter Nests. One of the monkeys friends helped too as he was visiting.
Little monkey, big brother and their friend were so excited to make the chocolate and cereal mix, especially as they got to lick the spoons afterwards! They each took turns to have a stir and then put the mixture into the cases.
Of course they eat some of the spare mini eggs too! That goes without saying really! 
Next we plan on making the heart shaped biscuits and I'm going to make a carrot cake. We're thrilled we have some new cooking equipment to help keep the monkeys busy over the holidays and would highly rate the range from Love Wilko. Thank you so much. I think I'm a little in love with the bowl and jug!

We were kindly sent the cooking equipment for the purpose of this post.

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