Monster Mailers with BEAR Nibbles

The monkeys have been enjoying some of the BEAR snacks, nibbles and cereals for a while now and were delighted when we were sent some of the new Claws snacks plus lots of other snacks and cereal from the BEAR range and some veggies to make monsters! 
The new BEAR claws come in boxes of five packs. There are four different flavours (Backcurrant and Beetroot, Mango and Carrot, Strawberry and Butternut and Apple, Pear and Pumpkin). They count as one of your five a day and are pure fruit and veg mashed into monster shapes! Containing no added nonsense and containing less sugar in than half an apple!

To celebrate their newness the monkeys were tasked with making #MonsterMailers with the Claws and the veggies, cocktail sticks and olives sent to us! Here they are hard at work (having fun) making their monsters! 
Their friend helped (as he was staying) and they each came up with a name for their finshed monster.
Let me introduce you to.... Mr Long Nose, Mr Long Legs and Mr Stampy Cat!
They all had so much fun and loved sharing some of the Claws and other snacks with their friend. 
The squeals of excitement when I showed them we'd been sent some BEAR Alpha Bites Multgrain cereal was deafening! 
Big monkey has long been taking the BEAR Yo Yo's for his snack at school each week and now we have an amazing selection of the range he'll be itching to take more snacks to show and share with his friends.

Thanks BEAR for the box of scrummy goodness and challenging us to create monsters! 


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