Pizza Making Party with Pizza Express!

Well today has been great. We (little monkey and I) went to Westfield Stratford City, for the final part of our #PizzaExpressFamily collaboration organised by Ruth from Rocknrollerbaby and Katy from ModernMummy.
A children's Pizza making party at Pizza Express for 10.30am in an otherwise closed restaurant. What could be better! 
Little monkey and I arrived via tube (which to him is an adventure in itself). We were a little early but this gave us time to find the restaurant and get our bearings. We didn't have to wait long for the other bloggers and their families to arrive. 
Welcomed in, the children took their seats and we were greeted by Gene (our party host) and offered drinks.
Gene got the children's attention straight away and each of them behaved impeccably whilst he showed them step by step what to do to make their own pizza's.
Everything was set out for the children and the team were so helpful and attentive. Food and drinks for the accompanying adults was aplenty and so delicious! 
Little monkey can often be shy at these events and refuse to join in but he did so today with gusto and really seemed to enjoy acting as pizza chef, wearing his hat and apron and following Gene's step by step instructions to make his pizza. 
Each child's pizza was easily recognisable with a tiny number 'from' the hat added to the uncooked pizza so that it could be recognised! 
Whilst they were waiting for their pizza's to be cooked the children were encouraged to participate in a colouring 'competition' and eat dough balls. That bit needed no encouragement at all! 
The children were then invited to eat their pizza's and for those who didn't eat pizza an alternative was offered. Nothing was too much trouble!
Hygiene and safety were of utmost importance and each child seemed to love their experience at the party today.
I've never been to a Pizza Express children's pizza making party before but would highly recommend it and will definitely consider one for either of the monkeys. It was a blast.
They even do them for adults...now there's a thing!
Parties for kids are £11.95 per person and there must be a minimum of 8 guests. Duration approximately 2hrs and highlights include invites, unlimited squash, Gelato and party games as well as the pizza of course which you can have boxed to take home if it's too much to eat there. 
Little monkey inevitably took some home as his pizza was far bigger than his belly!
We have so enjoyed this collaboration and would like to thank Ruth and Katy for asking us to be part of it. Of course thanks goes to Pizza Express too and finally I'd like to mention the new Hawaiian 'PizzaExpress' pizza!.....Absolutely blooming delicious and definitely one for next time we eat there! 
It was so much fun this morning and great to see other bloggers there who I've got to know over this last three years.

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