Project 366 #13

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend and consumed lots of chocolate! We still have loads left as the monkeys have only dipped into theirs a little! The weather has improved as the week has gone on which has meant we have been able to get out and about during the monkeys two week school holiday. I'm so grateful for more time off with them! Here's this weeks daily photo's! 
Day 87. A glorious village scene on the way to the animal sanctury open day! The heavens opened about an hour after taking this photo.
Day 88. Daffoldils the monkeys got me for Easter. Loving them.
Day 89. A day at Jimmy's Farm. I loved this shot of the lambs and Peacock!
Day 90. Much excitment when the monkeys realised they had been sent these alpha bites to sample.
Day 91. An early morning trip to the park which became a meet up and picnic with friends (in a then rather busy park)!
Day 92. Another get together with more friends and this time at the local RHS gardens and yet another 'Easter egg hunt', this time for Lindt bunnies.
Day 93. The tulips in the garden were smiling to the sunshine today. So warm and it's meant to be warmer tomorrow. Sadly I'll be working! 

We hope you've had a great week and look forward to seeing any photo's and/or posts soon!
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