Project 366 - Week 15

Well, this week has been fun. A Pizza Express pizza making party, Afternoon Tea for me and some girlfriends, Work, school, sunshine and warmth plus lots of rain! I've even managed three sessions in the gym. Now for a reasonably quiet weekend with the family.
Here's this weeks 366 photo's! 
Day 101. I took this photo of the bridge over the railway at Stratford City. The sunshine was glorious.
Day 102. A pizza biscuit gift from bkd-london after our Pizza Express Pizza party at Westfield yesterday.
Day 103. More goodies arrived today and this gorgeous frame and photo's are from Cheerz for us to review.
Day 104. I loved driving to work with the music turned up and the sunroof open! It was 17 degrees. Whatever happened?
Day 105. Another glorious day. This was the sky at 06.30 when I left for work. So pretty.
Day 106. All ready for bed, little monkey asked to play eye spy with this on his head! As you do!
Day 107. Sweets! Photo taken for a blog post. 

I cannot believe how up and down the weather has been this week. It's so cold today! Big monkey came back from football frozen and yet the other day I was driving to work with the roof open! I hear others have snow today! Madness! 
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