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We were recently invited along to an exclusive blogger event with the RSPB and author Hattie Garlick at Rainham Marshes Reserve to celebrate the launch of her new book. Purchases of the book will help support the work of the RSPB, with a proportion of the sales going directly to fund the UK’s largest conservation charity. A morning of fun outdoor activities and #FreeNatureActivities led by Hattie and the RSPB Education team was on the cards but sadly at the last minute we couldn't make it.....
However I did hear and see that those bloggers and their families who did attend had a great time with Hattie. We were sent the new book and some craft goodies to complete our own nature activities! 
Hattie Garlick is a writer and journalist. She has written for The Times, The Guardian, The Spectator and The Huffington Post amongst others, and also writes the blog Free Our Kids where she received lots of press coverage for pledging to not spend a penny on her children for a year! She’s a passionate modern eco-warrior.

Hattie’s brand new book launched (March 10th). Born To Be Wild is an inspirational book packed with over 100 activities to reconnect your family to the outdoors. User friendly, you can flick through to the relevant season and materials you find (for example sticks, stones, blossom…) and find a fun and interactive activity to do with your children. The ideas can be easily adapted so they are suitable for children of all ages. Beautifully illustrated with colour photos by Nancy Honey this book is sure to become a family favourite.

The average British child watches over 17 hours of TV per week, a figure that has risen 12% since 2007, despite the rival attractions of the Internet. Britain’s 11-15 year olds are so addicted to their electronic devices that they spend 7½ hours a day in front of a screen – an increase of 40% in a decade and around half their waking lives.  A generation ago, half of British children regularly played in wild places, now it is less than one in ten.

If you yearn to get your children off the Xbox, away from the iPad and back to nature,
Born to be Wild by Hattie Garlick provides an essential guide to getting your family out of the house, immersed in the outdoors and having fun, without costing the earth.

Den building (#FreeNatureActivities)
Packed with beautiful photos of real families taken by award-winning photographer Nancy Honey, the book provides hundreds of fun activities to embrace nature, from ‘Building a Butterfly Feeder’ and ‘Making a Bark Monster’, to ‘Take off your Shoes and Socks and… Stomp’.

With simple instructions for those times when your creativity needs a bit of a kick start - whether you are looking for activities for Mini Matisse's or small scientists, adventures that take ten minutes, or that absorb whole afternoons - all that’s required is a small person’s imagination and access to a little outdoor space.

Organised by season and then by material, the book lets you skip straight to Spring, then ‘Blossom’, ‘Grass’ or ‘Earth’, depending on what you and your family would like to explore. Everything you need to engage in and create hundreds of activities.

Getting up close and personal with a rabbit (#BornToBeWild)
We are excited to own the book and will certainly be making good use of it! The monkeys love nothing more than being outdoors, exploring, den building, stone collecting and so on as you can see above! We'll be sure to post any creations we make from the book on our instagram page with the hashtag #BornToBeWild.


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