How to Save Money When Buying Your Family Car This Spring

Thinking about buying a new car?

Spring is the time of year for all things new so now is the moment to take the step and get that new family car you’ve been hoping for. In years gone by you would have had a pretty limited choice. It would probably have been either a Ford Fiesta hatchback or a Volvo Estate. Nowadays, car manufacturers have grown wise to the needs of the family car market and there is a far greater choice. Today’s models are fitted with the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmo's to accommodate your family’s needs.
Whether you’re an experienced driver or you are learning the rules of the road afresh to be able to drive your family around, you’ll be wanting to ensure it doesn’t cost the earth.
Here are a few suggestions to help:
Look for low running costs – Before you even step foot into a car showroom, check out the competition and find out which models will offer your family low running costs. According to Auto Express the cheapest family car to run for 2016 is the Skoda Rapid Spaceback with great fuel efficiency for its class of vehicle.
New Vs Used – You may have set your heart on a brand new sparkling car for your family but if you are willing to make a very small compromise then you could save yourself thousands. Looking for the same style and model but that has been pre-used can help. Most car manufacturers are part of the certified pre-owned (CPO) program which means they will complete a full reconditioning by factory-trained technicians, along with a competitive warranty. So you will basically get the same make and specification for a fraction of the price. Sometimes you can even get added extras such as free maintenance or road side assistance making it more cost effective not to buy new vehicles.
To finance or not to finance – When you make a final decision on a car, many car dealers will offer you finance and insurance deals. You will be bombarded with offers but just because you are desperate for the car doesn’t mean that you need to make a rash decision. Shop around for the best rate on a loan. It may be more cost effective to take out a bank loan rather than a finance deal straight from the car dealership. If you’re confused about car loans have a look at Money Saving Expert for some tips.
Bargain for add-ons – Lots of the time dealers are keen to clinch a sale and if it means throwing in a few extra things then they will be willing to negotiate. Don’t be afraid to ask for more. Many cars will come without petrol or car mats unless you ask. It might not sound like much but getting the branded car mats that fit the make could be as much as £100 and, depending on the size of car, a full tank of petrol could be another £50 plus! 

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