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The monkeys love a magazine (most are filled with free gifts, very short stories, posters, quizzes and activities. Little monkey loves all the character ones that are from the TV and big monkey loves his football magazines. I recently came across another magazine that I feel is very different, full of classic stories and ideal reading material for my two, especially big monkey!

StoryTime Magazine was launched 18 months ago, as the UK’s only story magazine for children. Since then it has grown into amongst the biggest subscription magazines for children in the UK, as well as having subscribers in over 30 countries.

An independent publisher who, having grown tired of all of the magazines packed with adverts and plastic toys, wanted to create a magazine for kids that was simply all about great stories, that parents and children could enjoy reading together.

Each issue has fairy tales, poems, myths and legends, folk tales, plus puzzles and activities, with beautiful, fun and colourful illustrations to bring it all to life – StoryTime work with more illustrators than any other magazine in the country. They also feature no adverts at all, and print on good quality paper so each issue lasts and you can go back to it.

StoryTime is run as a social enterprise meaning the money it makes goes back into producing the magazine and ultimately getting more and more children reading. The publishers are speaking to local authorities and literacy charities to see how they can best work with them to further this aim. The magazine format can work very well for reluctant readers too!

The core audience are mums aged 25-45 of a broad range of kids aged 2-9, plus grandparents. They also get teachers subscribing to take into class. 

I have to say I'm really loving these wonderful magazines. The fact there are no adverts throughout make them different from other magazines on the market and I love that there are full stories, myths and tales to be enjoyed either alone by the child or together with an adult. Easy to read (for older junior aged children), big monkey has enjoyed reading stories he already knows from books we have at home or that he has heard at school. 
The paper quality is such that they are keepsakes to read over and over and each one very different. Stories to treasure that even I remember from my own childhood! The illustrations are really beautiful too.

The Website is fun and functional with the current issue available to view. You can subscribe from there too! At £3.99 each they are fantastic value for money. I've a great reader offer for you. Just type MONKEYS into the checkout page, and you will get a free issue plus at least 30% off a subscription. Not that I feel you need an incentive to read at all. We've really enjoyed the 3 issues we have and are looking forward to reading more.

You can follow StoryTime on Twitter for up to date news, reviews and latest copy info! 

We have been gifted 12 months subscription in return for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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