Milton - Antibacterial Wipes, Spray & Hand Gel

Ever since we discovered Milton antibacterial wipes when the monkeys were babies, we've used them for all manner of things. I think I initially used them for wiping highchair trays clean, especially when eating out! I always felt safer in the knowledge that I'd used the antibacterial wipes to ensure unwanted germs where wiped away. Over the years we've continued to use them all the time! Milton wipes are great for cleaning the TV screen (or any screen for that matter). We use them on the laptop keyboard, toilet seats, all sorts really! I usually have at least two packets of them on the go at any one time. None smeary they are just perfect. I've recommended them to many of my friends over the years.
The antibacterial spray and hand gel are much newer to us but will no doubt be just as useful. Especially the hand gel. We usually carry some hand gel around with us when out and about. How many times do you go somewhere and the soap has run out! Or you're in the middle of a field with the kids and they want something to eat! This is when we find it comes in really handy.
The spray is ideal to disinfect all surfaces in the home: highchair, work tops, bathroom, potty and baby’s bath. It's
3 in 1 formula cleans, disinfects and freshens. Kills 99.9% of germs including bacteria and fungi. Leaves a lovely, clean and fresh fragrance. Bleach-free and alcohol free.

The key features of the wipes (which is why we love them) are:
They are ideal for travel and quick clean-s ups at home or on the move with babies and children. Suitable for soothers and teats, can be used for highchair, toys, changing mat, potty, baby’s bath, kitchen work tops, door handles, public facilities, at work, restaurants, telephone, toilets etc. Kills 99.9% of germs including bacterial and fungi. Are 100% biodegradable tissue of natural origin, fragrance free, no need to rinse and dries quickly. They leave no trace or smears!

The hand gel is ideal for when you are looking after your baby (before and after feeding, nappy change). Or in our case looking after two boisterous little boys! Ideal on the go (public places, transport, restaurants). Perfect for use during infection epidemics, to reduce the risk of spreading infection. It kills 99.9% of germs in seconds. Leaves hands feeling fresh and clean, is non sticky and dries quickly. Has an added moisturising agent to protect the skin with a gentle and pleasant fragrance.
You can buy the range of Milton hygiene products from major supermarkets, Boots, Babies R Us, online and at other retailers. I really don't think you'll be disappointed! 


Comfort Wear Underwear - Bridget's Boutique

Do you ever put the wrong undies on and feel slightly 'not right' all day long? You have to feel comfortable - right! 
Personally I'm a comfort girl over sexy! I like underwear that is practical and comfortable. Nice, new and matching but sensible. Like this set from Bridget's Boutique! Bridget's Boutique is a UK based online retailer selling some fantastic fashion products from the UK and around the world. They have a great selection of underwear and lingerie, dresses, swimwear, bags and purses, and intimate accessories. This set is from their comfort range.
The bra is called Bridget Lace Comfort Bra - Luxe Black. It comes in 5 different sizes from size 10 (s) up to size 18 (xxl). I ordered a small to begin with being a size 8 but it was too small. The medium fits much better. An everyday lace trim pull-on bra, designed without wires or metal fastenings so it feels like a second skin and provides that extra bit of comfort and support for both day and nighttime. Slightly padded too. It costs £11 which is really well priced.

The pants are Bridget's Beauties Hipster Boxers - Luxe Black. They come in the same sizes as the bra and I found the exact same thing with the size. Simple cotton hipster boxers in luxe black are a must-have lingerie basic and are perfect for everyday comfort. Features the pink 'BB' Bridget's Beauties monogram logo. These are £8.
So a perfectly comfy and versatile set for £19. Seam free with little or no VPL. They get my vote! 

Bridget's Boutique offer 10% off your first order and free UK delivery (for orders up to 2kg). 

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#Project366 Week 22

Well this week has seen a few surprises...some good and some not so but I'm counting my blessings! It's now half term for us and I'm delighted. The wine is open and we're having a 'lie in' tomorrow. Here's our week in photo's.
Day 144. I spotted this single yellow rose in our garden.
Day 145. What a pleasant evening to be out in!
Day 146. An early anniversary gift from hubby for my bracelet.
Day 147. I treated myself to some colourful tulips as it was such a grey murky day.
Day 148. Holly trying to escape or say hello whilst the hutch was being cleaned.
Day 149. A sleeping child photo as I've been at work and didn't get any pics at the park ealier!
Day 150. I got in from work and this big monkey was still up with Daddy watching the final of BGT and pretending to be asleep!

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National BBQ week! 30th May 2016

We have a sad broken gas BBQ at the bottom of the garden, soon to be replaced by a traditional Kettle style coal one! The food just tastes different (and better) on a coal BBQ don't you think! Hopefully we'll get one just in time for National BBQ week!

Why not get some friends round during the week and celebrate it being national BBQ week with a drink or two from Echo Falls! They've created a great guide to help get things off to a great start! 

GRILL power! Be Queen of the BBQ this May with Echo Falls 
Calling all BBQ lovers! With the 20th National BBQ week kicking off on 30th May, what better way to celebrate than with some alfresco dining with the girls? Reclaim the flame from the men, and become the ultimate Queen of the tongs with these top tips from Echo Falls:

Tip #1

Try this irresistible but simple twist for Echo Falls White Peach & Mango Fruit Fusion (RRP. £3.95, Tesco) - pour 70ml of the Fruit Fusion into a large wine glass, add 20ml Elderflower cordial, stir and top with soda water. Ban those pesky insects from landing in your drink by placing an upside down cupcake case over the top of your wine glass as a cover. Practical and pretty!

Tip #2 
Cooking the perfect sausage or burger is not a race against time. Make sure your meats are cooked “low and slow”; giving you plenty of time to sit back and enjoy some quality time with your friends, whilst sipping on a chilled glass Echo Falls White Zinfandel (RRP. £4.99, Tesco).


Tip #3
To avoid your wine becoming watery, try freezing berries instead of using ice cubes. Freeze some raspberries, strawberries and blueberries and add to your glass of Echo Falls Summer Berries Fruit Fusion (RRP. £3.95, Tesco)

Tip #4

For mouth-watering meat, be sure to marinate! Combine 125 ml Echo Falls Shiraz (Tesco, £4.99), 60ml Olive Oil, 2 crushed garlic cloves, 2 tsp fresh rosemary, 2 tsp Dijon mustard in a heavy-duty plastic food bag. Place your meat into the marinade, seal bag tightly, massage and leave in the fridge overnight.


Tip #5

BBQs are all about sharing, so serve up the perfect punch. This ‘Berry Fabulous Falls’ cocktail recipe is sure to go down a treat: Stir together: 50ml Raspberry & Cassis Echo Falls Fruit Fusion (Tesco, £3.95 ), 25ml Cranberry Juice, 1tsp blueberry jam, 10ml lemon juice, 5ml cinnamon syrup, splash of tonic water and add ice. Serve in quaint jam jars and garnish with an edible flower for a true touch of spring.

So there you have it! Now, never mind the wine! What food to get?! Which is your favourite drink from above? Mine is the White Zinfandel.....so tasty.


Blog On Mosi 2016

Earlier this month I attended Blog On Mosi, Manchester. Held at the Museum of Industry and Science, this was my second Blog On conference. The first I attended last October in Winchester. It's been mad since that weekend at the begining of the month with big monkeys 8th birthday celebrations, work ,work and more work plus a bug that went around the family, hence why I'm only just posting about it now! 
Blog On Mosi is held at a great venue and one I'd never been to before. Even the monkeys were able to hang around downstairs in the museum whilst I was on the top floor at the conference. Daddy was with them of course!
There were various seesions for bloggers but to be honest I only attended the opening speech, one session and the keynote right at the end of the day. The technical photography session I went to was really useful and interesting. I just hope I can put some of what I learned into practice! I found chatting to brands and catching up with friends and other bloggers just as important as heading into the sessions. 
There was food a plenty and always something to eat and drink. We were really well looked after! The whole event was fun and the three goody bags at the end were amazing! For the second time running I won the Sambro toy giveaway. How cool is that! Would I go again? Of course! It's only £35 for the day but being so far from home for me I'd need to pay out for travel and hotel accomodation. I had a great time and came home full of great samples, contacts, memories of the day and some fab pics of me playing in the Swizzles giant ball pool! 
Thanks to Laura for organising it and to everyone who helped put the day together. Maybe see you there next time! 


Women's Hi-Tec Walking Boots - Review

You may or may not know that I'm a bit obsessed with shoes! Any shoes to be precise! I love them all. Imagine how pleased I was to be asked to review Hi-Tec Walking Boots recently. Ideal for outings to the park with the family and for general rambling around in I was excited to get a new pair of walking boots, seeing as the other pair I have are over 10 years old! I hasten to say, still in pretty good nick though, considering. 
These Womens Hi-Tec Altitude V I Waterproof Hiking Boots retail for £74.99. Dark chocolate brown in colour with contrasting purple lining. I ordered a size UK 5 (my usual size). 
The perfect ladies lightweight hiking boot. They are fully waterproof walking boots that have a durable leather upper, which is coated with exclusive i-shield conditioning and protecting treatment. Making them water, dirt and oil repellent. The OrthoLite insole keeps feet comfortable with it’s long-lasting cushioning, anti-odour and anti-microbial benefits. The moulded impact absorbing midsole adds further comfort and support. Most importantly they have a great grip. Hard wearing and durable I can see these lasting 10 years also!
We've been out and about enjoying the weather recently and I've been putting the boots to the test!
We took a walk throught the park which is mainly grass but on uneven land with small hills. Then along the River path on the River Crouch the other weekend. The monkeys ran ahead whilst hubby and I were admiring the view across the River and I was getting to grips with my new footwear. Very comfy, I was initially worried the ankles might be a bit stiff (but they were'nt). The laces are very long but I didn't actually have them done up right to the top, using all the cleats.
The boots also faired really well at the woods. We'd gone there to see the Bluebells but sadly most had gone (makes a mental note to go and see them earlier next year). This time the ground was once again hilly but generally dry with soil, twigs, mud and grass again under foot. 

The size and fit of these walking boots are perfect for me. I love the purple lining. My favourite colour! They are very comfy and ideal for me to wear, especially when I'm stood on a muddy field watching big monkey play football! The mud there can be awful, but I'm rest assured that these will keep my feet dry, warm and comfortable. 

Anything I don't like about them? Not that I can think of! Oh, except I almost tripped over the laces the other day when I accidently trode on one which was dragging! Whoops! I must tie them all the way to the top of the boot.

In conclusion, these Hi-Tec boots are great! I'm delighted with them. I have a great discount code for my readers. Use discount code BLOG20. Offer: 20% Off Outdoor and Sports Footwear, Clothing & Accessories at www.hi-tec.co.uk

Terms & Conditions: Excludes sale items. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount code, cashback offer or promotional offer. Discount code must be entered on basket page prior to checkout. Expires 31st December 2016.

Thanks H-Tec.

All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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