April Degustabox!

Last month we got another Degustabox to sample and were keen to see what was inside! 
Eek, see the chocolate! Hubby and the monkeys shared that! I got the Popchips though! Very nice indeed. Microwave rice is always useful here and the Parle biscuits got lost amongst the other biscuits in our tin, then eaten pretty damn quickly by the monkeys.
Here's a list of exactly what was inside:

1) Canderel Sugarly - Looks like sugar and tastes like sugar but has zero calories. £3.00.

2) Thor Dry. Mint/Apple Soft Drink.

3) Parle G biscuits and Rusk. The largest selling biscuit brand in the world. 25p and 89p.

4) Rejuvenation Water - Spring water enriched with amino acids. £1.99 per bottle.

5) Green Lady - healthy drinking with style. £1.99.

6) Bebeto Fruit Strings. £1.99.

7) Popchips - New flavour (sea salt, garlic & rosemary). Limited edition. £1.99.

8) Milkybar & Smarties - milk & crunchy bars for children and smarties sharing block! £1.00 and £1.29.

9) Levi Roots Jerk coat n chicken sauce - we must try this on BBQ cooked chicken! £1.00.

10) Veetee microwaveable rice. £1.29 & £1.49.

A real mixture of things this last month but useful nonetheless. As with before we can offer £6 off a subscription with code BLDEG15. Do pop by and let me know what you think if you've ever subscribed. Which have been your favourite foods so far?


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