Desenio Posters - Review

Since we had a loft conversion built back in Sept 2012, hubby and I have been meaning to get more prints on the walls and create a 'family' wall of photographs. We've slowly added the odd canvas here and there and some prints but still have nothing like a 'family wall of photo's! I even have some that need framing but are still in their packaging waiting to have frames bought and then hung! Oh well, good intentions and all that! 
I've recently been working with Desenio, a Swedish company founded by Martin and Helena Blomqvist back in 2010, who both have a great passion for design, home décor and art. Today Desenio offer trendy, affordable posters online (and art prints). We've been reviewing their service and some posters! 

Below is a photo of the frames and posters we chose. I went for one or two each for the monkeys rooms (thinking about what types of the things they like) and then got some posters for our bedroom in the loft conversion. 
The varying sized frames and posters were picked from the website myself and then required putting togther on arrival. The frames were secured very well in the packaging and the posters were rolled together in a protective tube. Delivery took less than a week from Sweden. Big monkey and I sat togther and quickly (and easily) put the posters into the frames. He is very delighted I chose a Big Ben scene for him for his room.
Big Ben 50x70cm (£18.49 with Black and glass frame 50x70cm (£17.62).
Magnolia poster (same size as Big Ben with same frame. Same total cost also. This is for our room, one because it goes with our colour scheme and two because I love Magnolia's.
Dandelion. Clean and simple. Once again chosen as it fits with our room decor and I like it! The poster is £15.99 and the frame as before.
I got this wee poster to go in little monkeys room as I'd like him to dream (big)! The poster is 13x18cm and £2.29. Same size Copper frame is £2.99.
This one was chosen as it speaks volumes! I decided to use the mount that came with this frame which I think really sets the poster off. 30x40cm in size. £7.99 for the poster and £9.99 for the oak and plexi frame.
Last but not least another poster for little monkey. World Map Animals, this is £7.99 inside an Oak and plexi frame like before (without mount). 

I'm delighted with my choices. They all look great up on the wall and are of fabulous quality. I'm really pleased. The site is easy to use, you can pay via PayPal as well as card and I've been most impressed with the packaging, delivery (which is via courier) and products. 
Thanks Desenio. 

Collaborative post. We have been gifted the above for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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