Good Looks For Dads This Summer

Believe it or not it's almost summer time, and as always that means it's time for a little bit of a wardrobe update. Now, unless you happen to be particularly fashion-forward (or you just have a bit of cash to throw around), you're probably not the type to revamp your whole wardrobe. But it's always nice to pick out a few new items to fit in with the season and any new trends out there. 

Below I want to talk about a few nice options for this sort of summer shopping, particularly for busy dads who want to look classy and casual in the coming months.
Slip-On Sneakers
Dads tend to spend a lot of time on-the-go during the summer, whether that means long walks with the dog, ball games with the kids, or holidays and attractions with the whole family. So naturally, finding a comfortable and good-looking footwear option is often a priority. This can be tough for dads, who don't necessarily want to be wearing tennis shoes all the time but might prefer to shy away from flimsy flip-flops or silly-looking strap sandals. Fortunately, as this post makes clear, slip-on sneakers are pretty trendy these days. Leather or canvas options that slip right on, look classy, but have the soles of sneakers are ideal for those long days out walking around. And they come in a limitless array of styles.

Comfortable Cargo Shorts
For a few years there, guys kind of shunned cargo shorts. They were viewed as being clunky, cumbersome, and ultimately unstylish despite their obviously practical advantages. Well, practicality matters to a lot of dads who might be juggling all kinds of things on daytime summer outings with the family. But more importantly, cargo shorts are starting to appear more frequently in stores. Looking here, you'll notice a variety of pretty low-key cargo styles in a variety of sizes and designs, demonstrating that a comfortable option that suits your personal look is perfectly possible to find.

Bomber Jackets
Let's get one thing straight, dads: you're right to think runway fashion is ridiculous. Guys have it kind of rough when looking at fashion trends, because usually what comes up is some slide show of absurd high-end styles that look like they were plucked out of the abysmal Zoolander sequel. The same is true, for the most part, of this lineup of men's styles for the spring and summer of 2016. However, the list begins with a perfectly useful item: the bomber jacket, which has been pretty "in" for men for a while now. It's a brilliant lightweight option for summer outerwear and something you can feel both casual and fashionable in.

Blues & Greys
When summer comes, fashion designers tend to put one word before all others: colour. Particularly for women but really in general there are always a lot of pastels, neons, and other types of bright, fun colours featured in collections. A lot of dads would rather not be so "loud" with their casual, everyday shirts, which is why you may be pleased to know that there are actually a lot of cooler colours out there in menswear right now. Different shades of blue and grey seem to be everywhere, which means if you grab a few new polo's or T-shirts you can feel free to tone it down a bit.

These are just a few casual options, but they're ideal for the kind of quick, effective wardrobe updates a lot of dads favour this time of year. 

Guest Post by Brendan Pratt

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