Top Tips For a Successful Outing With Kids!

You may have gathered we love the great outdoors. We can often be found at the park, playing football, walking through the woods or going on mini adventures. Over the years we've gained more and more knowledge of what works for us when going out and about. Obviously if it's raining then the monkeys are dressed to suit. They both have great rain jackets like those from Firelabel but otherwise I always just make sure that I carry a backpack with spare clothes in for both monkeys. We keep wellies in the boot of the car and I always carry wet wipes for those little accidents. Like when they fall over and their hands get covered in mud! Sunny days involved lots of sun cream and the wipes come in handy then too. 
My top tip would most definitely be....
Even if we end up leaving the rucksack in the car we are safe in the knowledge that should it rain, little monkey have an accident or one of them spill something down them, that we have spares and can continue with our fun and games! Last year whilst on holiday poor little monkey was soaked from head to foot when he slipped into a water trough that ran along the curb. He was quickly grabbed out of running water and borrowed Grandads jumper until we got back to the car to get him changed! Even his pants were soaked through! I'm sure he could have got quite ill had we not had warm dry spare clothes with us. 

So, there's my top tip, but what's yours?

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